Phytopictures from Bossan Concept will make any space unique

Phytopictures from Bossan Concept will make any space unique

One of the most popular and fashionable trends in decor today is phytopictures. Any space, be it an office, a house or a terrace, decorated with them, acquires a unique look.

A Phytopicture is a curtain construction, enclosed into a frame, inside of which live indoor or artificial plants, making up an aesthetic composition.

Undoubtedly, the “live” picture will become the main accent in the room, while solving many functional tasks.

First of all, it is an estheticism. Ingenuity, spectacularity and a large variety of plants - all this can be combined in one phytopicture.

Moreover, a stylish decoration can help to hide walls imperfections, as well as facilitate visual reduction of the premises in such cases when the rooms are big and empty.

You can always order the right size and style of phytocomposition in the Bossan flora store. As a rule, in creation of phytopictures are used stabilized or artificial moss and artificial Real-touch plants that do not require any maintenance.

Bossan flora designers will create a phytoconstruction for you of various shapes and purposes.

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