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A brooch from the “Titanic” is up for auction


The British auction house Henry Aldridge & Son Ltd will put up for sale a brooch that is directly related to the “Titanic”.

A rare collectible brooch, made in the form of a white star, belonged to an employee of the shipping company, that served the “Titanic”. The man wore this brooch on the lapel of his uniform tunic, but on the night of the crash of the liner he gave the jewelry to his beloved Roberta Maioni. Subsequently the girl managed to escape. She kept this brooch all her life and told her relatives about the man, thanks to whom she remained alive, never naming him. For a long time, after the death of Roberta Maioni in 1963, the jewelry was kept in the family. Later it was bought by a collector and is now up for auction. The starting price of the brooch from the “Titanic” is 28 thousand euros, reports

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