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Anomalous temperature splash recorded at the Earth’s poles

Anomalous temperature splash recorded at the Earth’s poles

A sharp warming was recorded in the coldest regions of our planet - the Arctic and Antarctic.

As writes, the average temperature in the area of the French-Italian Antarctic station “Concordia” exceeded the standard value by more than 40 ° C and reached – 12,2 ° C.

A similar rise in temperature, nearly 30°C above normal, has also occurred in the Arctic. Researcher Walt Meier noted, that now the poles have different seasons of the year and therefore “the North and South Poles should not melt at the same time. In accordance with the expert opinion, this is “definitely an unusual phenomenon.”

Most likely a hot atmospheric flow, that came from the Pacific Ocean, and the North Pole – from the coast of Greenland was the reason for such an anomalous warming at the South Pole. Specialists decline to regard this situation as an accidental weather phenomenon. However, if such temperature spikes continue to be recorded, then this will become a serious cause for concern.

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