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Projects of digital traffic lights and parking lots presented in Ashgabat


Oguz Han Engineering and Technology University’s students and teachers demonstrated their projects of "smart" traffic lights and parking lots, reports the "Turkmenistan: Golden Age" newspaper.

The review was held in the innovation complex "Oguz Han".

The software of the "smart" traffic lights system is assigned for the safety of traffic and pedestrians, and the elimination of traffic jams on the streets.

The program features include the following tasks:

  • object definition;
  • timely automatic troubles correction;
  • an opportunity for road traffic workers to receive the necessary information through the Internet timely.

Projects of "smart" park lots involve sensory detection of the approach of transport to the car park and transmission of information to the dispatcher. The gate to the parking lots will open automatically, if the transport has approached the car park within a certain distance.

The software includes a whole range of digital parking lots management: from gate control to information about availability and ordering a parking zone.

The presented IT projects are a stage towards the transition of the transport digitalization and logistics complex, notes the source.

The best projects are being actively implemented in the design and construction of residential buildings and office buildings, that are being built in Ahal City.

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