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An exhibition dedicated to Viktor Tsoi has opened in the Moscow “Manege”

An exhibition dedicated to Viktor Tsoi has opened in the Moscow “Manege”

The exhibition “Victor Tsoi. The Path of a Hero" has been operating since January 15 at the Central Exhibition Hall of Moscow ("Manege").

The rock legend, songwriter, poet, artist and film actor would have turned 60 this year.

In his native St. Petersburg, the musician's birthday - June 21, will be celebrated with a big concert, and in Moscow they decided not to postpone until the summer.

On three thousand square meters, in 11 halls, absolutely the entire legacy of Tsoi is presented, collected for the first time in one place.

Before entering, visitors are given headphones along with a smartphone. The songs of the famous group "Kino" lead from hall to hall, play when approaching the exhibits, sometimes they are interrupted by interviews or archival concert recordings.

This is how geolocation works, which itself determines the location of the exhibition visitor in the “Manege” and includes the necessary support when moving around the exhibition.

In one of the halls there are audio cassettes of impressive size, telling about each album in the “Kino” discography. There are cover options, sheets from Viktor Tsoi's notebook with lines of songs and sketches in the margins... And in the center is one of the most powerful impressions: the musician's three guitars.

A very important part of the exposition is the family archive. Victor's father, Robert Maksimovich, donated things for the exhibition that had never left his home before. Wood masks and ashtrays carved by the musician, student drawings... Nearby is a selection of video cassettes: action films with idols - Bruce Lee and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The pearl of the journey along the path of the hero is the “Art” hall, which exhibits 76 paintings by Tsoi, more than 30 of them are exhibited for the first time.

Probably, everyone knows the famous Tsoi square men. But it may be a discovery for many that the musician did an excellent job with classical subjects, experimented by painting on kitchen oilcloth and packaging foam rubber, and was one of the first to make truly conceptual statements - such as, for example, the painting “I didn’t have time to draw a picture.” In showcases - jars of paint, brushes, and felt-tip pens. The very ones with which in 1990 he will draw one of the last, the prophetic picture "Road" with a man behind the wheel.

The road and put an end. Shocking, the last exhibit is a cassette suspended in a torn space. Signed on the paper tape: "New". This means that the music of the “New Composers” group is on it. It was this cassette that Victor listened to during the accident. The line where the recording stopped, everyone can hear in their headphones.

The jacket, in which Tsoi is captured in most photos and concerts, can be seen in the “Style” hall. But Victor would not be Victor if he had not finalized its design with his own hand: he repainted the zipper green, sewed on a few rhinestones. With his laconic image, Tsoi was and remains a style icon. Largely due to fiction: he wore clip-on earrings like rings, he transformed tips on his shirt collar into brooches ... After Victor's death, all his personal ones were put in boxes and did not open until that moment.

In one of the halls there is an installation based on the film “The Needle”. The hall dedicated to the cult film and its sequel impresses with the snow-white figure of Viktor Tsoi - reproducing the last scene of the film, where the musician is kneeling with a lighter in his hands.

Hall about the environment of Viktor Tsoi - Cinema Planetarium. He himself is a blinding star named the Sun, around which many more planets are moving - these are his family, friends, stage colleagues, whom visitors see and hear on the screens.

The exhibition “Victor Tsoi. The path of the hero" will be open in the Moscow "Manege" until April 15.

(According to the material of the "Rossiyskaya Gazeta").

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