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Seyitjan Mirzaev won bronze in snatch at the World Weightlifting Championships


The second small bronze medal appeared in the piggy bank of the Turkmenistan team at the 2021 World Weightlifting Championship held in Tashkent. It was won in the snatch in the weight category up to 61 kg, a second-year student of the Turkmen State Institute of Physical Culture and Sports Seyitjan Mirzaev, the website "Turkmenistan: Golden Age" reports.

In this weight, 16 weightlifters from 14 countries competed for the awards.

The 27-year-old Seyitjan Mirzaev came to the current World Championship as a famous weightlifter, who had won bronze medals at the 2011 World Youth Championship, the 2019 IWF World Cup in Fuzhou (China), the 6th International Solidarity Championship-2020 in Tashkent and silver - at the 2019 international tournament in memory of Naim Suleimanoglu in Gaziantep (Turkey) and the 6th Qatar International Cup-2019.

At the last Asian Championship, which was also held in April this year in Tashkent, Seyitjan won silver in the snatch with a score of 133 kg. This time, he only recorded 128 kg on the second attempt, securing himself a bronze medal. In the final approach in the fight for gold, our weightlifter tried to snatch 132 kg, but could not and as a result let the bronze medalist of the 2017 World Championship in Anaheim (USA) and the European champion-2018 in Bucharest (Romania) Shota Mishvelidze from Georgia (131 kg ) and Rock Sina from the Republic of Korea (132 kg).

In the second exercise - clean and jerk - at the 2021 Asian Championships, Seyitjan Mirzaev confidently lifted 150 kg in the first approach. This time the trainers decided not to risk it and ordered 145 kg as the starting weight. However, in the first two attempts, the projectile did not submit. In the final approach, Seyitjan tried to lift 147 kg, but he also failed and eventually finished the competition with a zero mark.

The bronze medal in the combined event in this weight category was won by the participant of the Olympic Games in Tokyo, the silver medalist of the Asian Championship-2021 Seraj Al-Salim (Saudi Arabia) - 282 kg (127 + 155). Silver went to Shota Mishvelidze (Georgia) - 286 kg (131 + 155). And gold - Rock Sinu (Republic of Korea) - 288 kg (132 + 156).

Today, at the World Weightlifting Championship, medals will be played in the weight category up to 73 kg for men, in which Turkmenistan will be represented by the bronze medalist of the 2019 Junior World Championship, the silver medalist of the Asian Championship-2021 Maksat Meredov.

The World Weightlifting Championship in Tashkent will end on December 17, 11 athletes represent Turkmenistan at the competition.

We remind you, that the first bronze medal for the team of Turkmenistan on the second day of the competition was won in the snatch in the weight category up to 49 kg Yulduz Jumabayeva.

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