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Turkmen polypropylene threads will be exported to Turkey

Turkmen polypropylene threads will be exported to Turkey

The Turkmen economic society "Bagtyýar gurluşyk" has launched the production of polypropylene threads that meet international standards. "Turkmenistan: Golden Age" reports.

The products are made from local raw materials supplied from the polymer plant in Kiyanly.

The company, which is capable of producing 22 tons of propylene threads per day, produces several types of different colors.

At this time, ES "Bagtyýar gurluşyk" is actively negotiating with potential foreign partners, hoping to send its products for export. In the near future, the first batch of manufactured products will be sent to Turkey.

Polypropylene threads are widely used for the manufacture of carpets, which gives them special strength, retains their color and shape for a long time. These properties of propylene yarns lead to high demand for them.

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