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Mobile application "Turkmenportal" established more than 50 thousand users

Mobile application "Turkmenportal" established more than 50 thousand users

The Turkmenportal mobile application is popular among the residents of Turkmenistan. According to Google Play, to date, the program has been downloaded and installed on devices by more than 50 thousand users.

Turkmenportal is a free application available for iOS and Android users. The app was launched in January 2021.

News in the application is updated constantly, day and night, so the most complete and fresh information picture in three languages (Russian, Turkmen, English) is available to users at any time of the day.

Application features:

  • Convenient functionality, beautiful and smart interface.
  • Constantly updated news: do not miss anything important.
  • Push-notifications for important and urgent news feeds.
  • Ability to share links through social networks.
  • Ability to save interesting articles to "Bookmarks" to always have important information at hand.
  • Ability to activate the "dark theme" to make it easy to read at night.
  • Font Setting: Increase or decrease the font to read comfortably and to adjust screen brightness.
  • Ultra-fast content loading due to the small volume of files.

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