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“Erich Krause” is now in Turkmenistan


The world-famous brand of stationery “Erich Krause” appeared on the shelves of shops in Turkmenistan.

“Erich Krause” is an international group of companies producing and selling a wide range of stationery, creative products, school supplies - backpacks and bags, souvenirs and decor items. “Erich Krause” manufactures products in many countries of the world, such as: Germany, Korea, India, Indonesia, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Russia. The company's products are certified according to European Union standards.

Product safety and its compliance with environmental requirements is one of the production standards of “Erich Krause”. This is especially true for products for children, which undergo the strictest laboratory control for safety, both within the company and in leading European certification centers.

“Erich Krause” products can be found in metropolitan stationery chain stores such as “Galam”, “Globus”, “YOSM”, “Kitap” and others.

All contact information is available here.

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