“Laminat Merkezi” store has received new decors and laminate collections

“Laminat Merkezi” store has received new decors and laminate collections

A specialized store selling laminate flooring “Laminat Merkezi” invites residents and guests of the capital to familiarize themselves with the range of their goods - the famous brand Floorpan laminate made in Russia (Tatarstan) and Turkey. Laminate is the most popular floor covering nowadays. It combines the beauty of parquet flooring, a variety of shades and textures with durability and an affordable price.

A wide selection of colors and shades of the assortment of “Laminat Merkezi” store will allow you to choose a coating that is in harmony with any style and color scheme of the interior.

Moreover, on sale there are a number of related products - baseboards and thermal insulation substrates. Sales consultants will help you choose the type of coverage for any room (living room, office or retail space), calculate the amount of laminate you need, and give advice on how to install it.

The favorable ratio of the price and quality of the goods in “Laminat Merkezi” store makes the purchase of laminate a bargain, because a properly selected and installed laminate can serve for 10-15 years, depending on the operating conditions. In addition, the store is currently running the spring sale until the end of May.

“Laminat Merkezi” store is located at the intersection of Andaliba and Kuliyev (Obyezdnaya) streets in the “Ussat Sowda Merkezi” building.

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