“Nur ýüpek” store became the scene of the movie “Sada söýgi”

“Nur ýüpek” store became the scene of the movie “Sada söýgi”

The silk fabric shop “Nur ýüpek” has become a “participant” in the feature film “Sada söýgi” (“Just Love”) as one of the film's setting locations.

“Sada söýgi” was founded in 2021. It was premiered on the Turkmen channel TV4 Turkmenistan, as a gift to the Turkmen people for the spring holidays.

The film was created by: Rustem Mammedov, Ishanberdi Apov, Tuvak Berdieva, Yunus Ahmedov, Atamyrat Piriev. Popular in the country singer Eldar Ahmedov and Gulyalek Gulmyradova starred.

“Nur ýüpek” appears in the film under its real name. In cinema there is such a concept – “cameo”, when a famous film actor or director plays himself in a small, often episodic role. True, it is customary to use this term only in relation to a person, but in this case it can be said that the Nur ýüpek store, beloved by Turkmen fashionistas, also “played” itself in the film.

It should be reminded that “Nur ýüpek “brand stores operate in Ashgabat (three retail outlets) in Mary and Turkmenabat, in Dashoguz and Balkan velayat.

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