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“Ak hünji” uses modern production technologies to achieve high performance

“Ak hünji” uses modern production technologies to achieve high performance

The individual enterprise “Ak hünji”, which specializes in the production of goods from foam polystyrene, uses the most advanced technologies and the most modern equipment in its work.

Modernization of production has been carried out by the management on a regular basis since 2013, when a large set of additional equipment was installed at the plant in order to further increase the output and improve the quality of products. New advanced equipment purchased from leading global companies allows “Ak hünji” products to be available not only in the domestic market, but also internationally. The production is currently using modern equipment imported from the Russian Federation, Germany, Turkey and the People's Republic of China.

Thus, the volumes of work at the enterprise, which was one of the first in Turkmenistan to start production of foam for the interior and exterior finishing of houses, are gaining in scale.

“Ak hünji” pays special attention to the changing needs of customers. Thermal insulation, sound insulation products from foam used for interior and exterior finishing of houses fully meet the requirements. The high productivity of the equipment in the factories also allows to meet the needs of the demand in a timely manner and to function without failures in the work.

The individual enterprise “Ak hünji”conducts ongoing research. In the future, the goal is to create new industries and produce more export-oriented products.


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