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Internet providers of Turkmenistan automatically transferred subscribers to updated tariff plans

Internet providers of Turkmenistan automatically transferred subscribers to updated tariff plans

Internet providers of Turkmenistan during yesterday automatically transferred all their subscribers to updated tariff plans, and the difference in price was returned to the personal account of users.

For example, if you had a tariff with a monthly fee of 350 manats and a speed of 2 Mbps, then, taking into account the new prices, Internet providers returned 150 manats to the clients' accounts. Since February, the cost of this tariff plan is 200 manat per month.

Subscribers can change their tariff at a higher speed at any time. You can use the tariff change service completely free of charge. All subscribers of “Turkmentelekom” and ACTN - individuals who have access to the “Personal account” (for ACTN) and “Billing” (for “Turkmentelecom”), can change their tariff plan without contacting the Service Center. All tariff plans are available for the transition: 256 kbps (100 manats), 512 kbps (150 manats), 1024 kbps (170 manats), 2048 kbps (200 manats).

To change the tariff plan, subscribers can also contact the nearest office of the Internet provider, presenting the original passport.

As a reminder, since February 2021, by the decision of the Turkmenaragatnashyk Agency in Turkmenistan, tariffs for using the Internet with traffic restriction using ADSL technology and unlimited Internet using ADSL, VDSL technologies, as well as renting a dedicated information channel, have been reduced. Reduced tariffs are provided separately for the population of cities, for the rural population in etraps of velayats, for state enterprises and organizations, private entrepreneurs, non-state legal entities without foreign investors and for scientific and educational institutions of Turkmenistan. On average, prices have been reduced from 22% to 52%, the newspaper “Turkmenistan: Golden Age” notes.

You can familiarize yourself with the new tariffs on the official websites of Turkmentelecom and ASTN.


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