A platform for electronic trade in textiles is being created in Turkmenistan

A platform for electronic trade in textiles is being created in Turkmenistan

An electronic trading platform for textiles is being created in Turkmenistan. This was announced at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers held by video link.

This project is planned to be implemented by joint efforts of the marketing center “Altyn asyr” of the Ministry of Textile Industry and the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.

As Deputy Prime Minister Chary Gylyjov said at the meeting, an electronic database is currently being developed, on the pages of which it is envisaged to place relevant information about textile brands, marketing services, including the registration in electronic format of orders for the purchase of various textile products manufactured in the country, etc.

It is also planned at the first stage to organize the delivery of orders for textile products in the country, and in the future - also abroad. The electronic trading platform will be equipped with special software. In the future, it is planned to establish interaction with global virtual trading platforms and with domestic information service resources, trading platforms.

The launch of a new electronic trading platform is intended to facilitate the implementation of the work defined in the “Program of the President of Turkmenistan for the socio-economic development of the country for 2019-2025” and the “Concept for the development of the digital economy in Turkmenistan in 2019-2025”, as well as expanding the range of cashless payments.

“It is necessary to continue to fulfill the tasks of promoting digitalization and ensuring the functioning of intelligent networks, including the development of legislative support to expand the national network space, the range of Internet services,” President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov ordered.

In this regard, the head of state demanded to accelerate work on the creation of a platform for electronic trade in textiles, giving the Deputy Prime Minister specific instructions, the “Neutral Turkmenistan” newspaper reported today.


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