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“MB Patisserie” delivers food to your home

“MB Patisserie” delivers food to your home

MB Patisserie offers residents of the capital the function of delivering their products to their homes. The variety of assortment and quality of baked goods can satisfy the most demanding taste.

Lovers of sweets will be offered various types of pastries made from yeast or puff pastry, biscuits, pastries and cakes - honey cake, “bird's milk”, cheesecakes, “snickers” and much more.

In addition to sweets, MB Patisserie offers a choice of first and second courses, salads, pies, samsa, etc. All these dishes can also be ordered for delivery, which is carried out quickly and anywhere in the city.

In addition, “MV Patisserie” offers dishes from the cuisines of the peoples of the world, Italian dishes are especially loved and popular among customers: pizza, various types of pasta, lasagna, etc.

You can also order takeaway meals directly in the cafe itself, which is located in “Berkarar” shopping center.

You can get acquainted with the contacts by the link.


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