Turkmen-Indian political consultations took place

Turkmen-Indian political consultations took place

Today political consultation between the Deputy foreign ministers of Turkmenistan and India V. Hajiev and V. Swarup in the format of videoconference.

Diplomats exchanged with opinions regarding regional and international agendas, including Afghanistan issues and also expressed necessity in further intensification of two-sided cooperation covering the widest range of areas of cooperation. 

They noted the fruitfulness of bilateral and multilateral cooperation within the framework of the “India-Central Asia Dialogue” and the “India-CA Business Council”, which are effective international platforms for exchanging views on important issues of regional development, as well as for discussing and implementing specific projects.

The need was also expressed to intensify the mutual dialogue within the framework of the Joint Intergovernmental Turkmen-Indian Commission on Trade, Economic, Scientific and Technological Cooperation. In this aspect, the need to intensify bilateral meetings of Turkmen and Indian experts on cybersecurity and anti-terrorism issues and other areas of mutual interest was emphasized.

Among the priority joint projects, the construction of the TAPI gas pipeline was highlighted, which has noticeably intensified recently, and where the Indian side holds a key position, both in terms of investment and in the field of successful implementation.

The Turkmen side, in turn, invites India to join the Investment Fund, which will be created in Turkmenistan for the development of the private sector.

Diplomats also highly noted the necessity of even greater cohesion in search of new approaches to successfully continue of two sided and multisided cooperation in post pandemic period, informs MIA of Turkmenistan. 


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