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Final document of the International conference dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the neutrality of Turkmenistan

Final document of the International conference dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the neutrality of Turkmenistan

Participants of the International Conference “The policy of neutrality and its importance in ensuring international peace, security and sustainable development” gathered in Ashgabat on the 12th of December 2020 in connection with the 25th anniversary of the neutrality of Turkmenistan.

Reaffirming your commitment to goals and principles of the Carter of the United Nations,

Highlighting the necessity of execution of world strategies and programs of the United Nations Organization, in particular, Agenda for Sustainable Development for the period to 2030;

Underlining the significance of the Resolution 50/80 A dated 12th December 1995 and 69/285 dated 3rd of June of 2015 of General Assembly of United Nations Organizations named as “Permanent Neutrality of Turkmenistan” also the resolution 71/275 dated 2nd February 2017, proclaimed International Neutrality Day

Taking into consideration the final document of the international conference of high level on topic: Policy of Neutrality: international cooperation in the name of peace, security and development” (Ashgabat final document) adopted on 12th of December 2015, 

1. Emphasized that the policy of neutrality proclaimed and pursued by the Member States of the United Nations plays an important role in the development of peaceful, friendly and mutually beneficial relations between the countries of the world and contributes to the strengthening of international peace and security at the regional and global levels;

2. Called to promote the implementation of an active neutral policy by promoting the concept of indivisible and enhanced security aimed at supporting peace-loving initiatives and good-neighborly relations, countering traditional and modern threats and challenges by strengthening cross-border cooperation;

3. Encouraged all Member States of the United Nations, United Nations agencies and other international, regional and subregional organizations to make full use of the potential of neutral states in the peaceful settlement of disputes, prevention and settlement of conflicts;

4. Emphasized that the national policy of neutrality is intended to encourage the use of preventive diplomacy, which is one of the main functions of the United Nations, in conflict prevention, mediation, negotiation, good services, fact stating missions, special envoys, informal consultation, peacebuilding and targeted development activities;

5. Noted in this regard that the United Nations Regional Center for Preventive Diplomacy for Central Asia, which was established in Ashgabat in December 2007 with the support of the international community, plays an important role in assisting the states of the Central Asia region and neighboring countries in solving regional problems by stimulating closer cooperation between them;

6. Supported the initiative of Turkmenistan to submit, during the 75th session of the United Nations General Assembly, a draft resolution on the role of the UN Regional Center for Preventive Diplomacy for Central Asia, aimed at consistently unlocking the potential of the Regional Center, including through the use of the advantages of a neutral policy;

7. Called upon the international community to continue to promote the development of a culture of peace and trust in relations between states, inextricably linked with the policy of neutrality, as a value that contributes to sustainable development, peace and security through the strengthening of solidarity and harmony, while noting the need to follow the United Nations General Assembly adopted The Declaration and Program of Action on a Culture of Peace;

8. Supported the initiative of Turkmenistan to hold the Forum of Peace and Confidence at a high level in 2021 as the main event within the framework of the International Year of Peace and Confidence, proclaimed by the resolution of the United Nations General Assembly No. 73/338 dated 12.09.2019 at the initiative of Turkmenistan, and also encouraged Member States of the United Nations, UN agencies, other relevant international and regional organizations and civil society to undertake education and outreach activities through the International Year of Peace and Trust;

9. Welcomed the creation at the United Nations platform at the initiative of the Government of Turkmenistan of the Group of Friends of Neutrality for Peace, Security and Sustainable Development, designed to provide a broad multilateral dialogue on the practical application of the principles of neutralism in preventing conflicts, eliminating their causes and consequences, and called on all countries - Members of the United Nations, as well as relevant international structures to join cooperation within the above Group;

10. Expressed support for the efforts of Turkmenistan to develop the United Nations Code of Rules on the effective application of the principles of neutrality in the settlement of international issues, which will complement the toolkit of the governing bodies of the United Nations, its specialized agencies in matters of preserving and strengthening peace, while urging the relevant international organizations and interested countries to contribute your contribution to the work on this document;

11. Emphasized the importance that the economic and geo-economic aspects of national neutrality have for maintaining stable and long-term trade and economic ties between states in conditions of political stability, as well as for strengthening subregional, regional and international interconnectedness;

12. Reaffirmed the particular humanitarian importance of the policy of neutrality and the positive role that neutral countries play in the provision and delivery of humanitarian assistance in complex emergencies and natural disasters in a humanitarian, neutral, impartial and independent manner, proposing to strengthen regional coordination in the field of emergency humanitarian assistance to the United Nations through the establishment of the Office of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UN OCHA) in Central Asia;

13. Emphasized the need to develop the concept of neutrality, welcoming the earlier initiative of Turkmenistan to establish a training and research center to study the theory and practice of neutrality policy in international law and international relations, within available resources, in order to conduct research and disseminate policy knowledge neutrality through training sessions and workshops conducted by experts and organizations specialized in the relevant fields;

14. Called upon all United Nations Member States, international and regional organizations, non-governmental organizations and individuals, including young people, to annually commemorate International Day of Neutrality on 12 December to conduct events aimed at raising public awareness of the role and importance of neutrality policies in maintaining and strengthening international peace, security and sustainable development;

15. Based on the Outcome Document of the International Conference on “Politics of Neutrality: International Cooperation for Peace, Security and Development” adopted on 12 December 2015, once again stressed the need for high-level forums dedicated to strengthening the role of neutrality policy in international relations held at least every five years, recognizing that dialogue on this topic contributes to the strengthening of international peace and security;

16. Expressed deep gratitude and appreciation to the people and government of Turkmenistan for organizing and holding the International Conference.

December 12, 2020, Ashgabat

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