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A new online store of building materials has opened

A new online store of building materials has opened

A new online store of building materials “BedewTM” has launched. Now residents of Turkmenistan will be able to purchase goods that meet all international quality standards.

The site offers a wide range of products, from electrical to plumbing, from rolled metal to cottage goods, and every day the range of building materials is expanding. Today in the online store “BedewTM”, you can buy wholesale and retail products of the largest domestic and world manufacturers of construction materials of the middle and high price segment.

The product catalog contains a General description and technical characteristics, as well as photos of items. The online store also provides information about the availability of goods in stock, promotions and discounts.

The site is easy to navigate, which makes it easy to understand the product catalog and information sections. Using filters to search for products; you can select quickly and accurately the necessary building materials.

Payment for the purchase can made in several ways: by Bankcard, in cash upon receipt, and via a Bank account.


A resident of any region of Turkmenistan can order a product in the online store "BedewTM". The company also provides a delivery service.

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