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New Bank card "Owerdraft" will be introduced in Turkmenistan

New Bank card "Owerdraft" will be introduced in Turkmenistan

A new Bankcard "Owerdraft karty" will be put into circulation in Turkmenistan in order to increase the financial capabilities of citizens when purchasing everyday goods, based on their requests in order to speed up the processing of short-term loans for 40% to three times the salary, the state news Agency of the country reports.

Deputy Prime Minister Gadyrgeldy Mushshikov presented to the head of state samples of new Bankcards planned to be issued by state and joint Stock commercial banks at a Government meeting today.

The President, emphasizing the importance of activating the activities carried out in the country's banking sector in order to successfully solve the problems of transition to the digital economy, stressed that the introduction of non-cash payment tools based on modern technologies, including payment cards, is now among the long-term plans.

Expressing satisfaction with the work on expanding the list of banking services offered to the population, including through the use of the Internet and mobile communications, the President approved the submitted samples of "Owerdraft karty" and addressed specific instructions to the Deputy Prime Minister.


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