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Branches of the state Bank "Turkmenbashi" in Lebap organize consultations for citizens

Branches of the state Bank "Turkmenbashi" in Lebap organize consultations for citizens

Consultation meetings with citizens will be held in the Lebap branches of the state commercial Bank of Turkmenistan "Turkmenbashi". The corresponding ad was published in the newspaper “Türkmen gündogary”.

The purpose of such meetings is to increase the level of financial literacy of the population, introduce methods of non-cash payments in accordance with world practice, and expand the range of banking services, the newspaper reports.

Specialists of branches of the Bank will explain the citizens the advantages of opening a Bank cards “Goyum bank karty”, “Mashgala karty” cashless payment terminals in all outlets and service points, via Internet banking, cashless transactions and payment services via the Internet, order cash withdrawals from Bank cards, and also answer any questions of citizens.

The meetings will be held on the first Friday of each month at 17.00 in the branches of the “Turkmenbashi” GKBT in the Lebap velayat.

Branches of “Turkmenbashi” state Bank in Lebap velayat:

  • Lebap branch: city of Turkmenabat, Akhal St., 6 building;

Tel:(800 422) 6-33-16, 6-29-29, 3-50-05.

  • Gazojak branch: G. Gazojak, St. Magtumguly, 154 house;

Tel: (800 438) 3-16-20.

  • Magdanly branch: 2 Bitaraplyk str., Magdanly;

Tel: (800 431) 2-15-54.

  • Seydi branch: Seydi, Garashsyzlyk str., 1 house;

Tel: (800 461) 2-31-30.

  • Garlyk branch: Garlyk, Galkynysh str., 5 house;

Tel: (800 440) 2-40-00.

  • Turkmenabat branch: Turkmenabat, p / o 14 negotiation point;

Tel: (800 422) 7-90-84.

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