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Customers are continuously provided with high quality fuel

Customers are continuously provided with high quality fuel

Uninterrupted supply of high-quality fuel to consumers is a key task of the network of gas stations of the Gubadag enterprise of SC “Turkmennebitonumleri”, -reports the electronic newspaper "NEBIT-GAZ". To fulfill these tasks, the company has a modern fleet that quickly and safely delivers petroleum products to the gas station storage facilities in all corners of the Dashoguz velayat.

"Gubadagnebit" Dashoguz velayat has a network of filling stations, which are equipped with the latest computer technology. The main part of gas stations is located along major highways. At the company's gas stations, consumers are offered a wide range of services.

At the disposal of experienced drivers is the KAMAZ - 65115 fuel tanker with a load capacity of 10.5 tons, which is equipped with a powerful engine and is designed for transportation over any distance in any climatic conditions. The main condition for fuel acceptance at gas stations and storage facilities is strict compliance with safety regulations.

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