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The company “Aydyn gijeler” started selling smart TVs over the Internet

The company “Aydyn gijeler” started selling smart TVs over the Internet

The Turkmen company "Aydyn gijeler" started selling smart TVs directly-through the official website on the Internet.

Consumers are presented with models with a liquid crystal screen and 4K Ultra HD resolution: "Tolkun" — 32 and 42 inches (942.32 manat and 1,779.47 manat), and "Zemin" - 55 inches (2,736. 55 manat). Models have the appropriate interface and network utilities. They are assembled using the technology and components of the Chinese company Xin Hong Bo Trading Limited. 

In order to purchase the TV, you need, you should visit the section "Telewizor" on the official website of the company "Aydyn gijeler". After selecting one of the three TVs with the desired diagonal, click on the "Sargamak" button. You will see a form that you need to fill out. After that, the company Manager will contact you as soon as possible and discuss the delivery time.

Delivery is free. Payment is accepted in cash after delivery and verification of the product.

In addition, you can order domestic computers, routers, switches and LED lamps on the official website.

The company "Aydyn gijeler" is known for its quality products: since 2016, it produces light bulbs with a power of 3 watts to 96 watts with a standard cartridge, as well as ceiling led lamps. In addition, every year by September 1, "Aydyn gijeler" produces children's learning computers for first-graders.

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