The state program of Turkmenistan "Health" is 25 years’ old

The state program of Turkmenistan "Health" is 25 years’ old

This year, the state program "Saglyk" ("health") is 25 years old.

Adopted in 1995, it was intended to become a solid Foundation for the creation of a new health system based on the best international practices in the organization of medical services for the population.

Among its main directions are improving the efficiency, availability and quality of medical services with a preventive focus, as well as the formation of a healthy lifestyle, ensuring a healthy environment.

Gradually implemented under the patronage of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, the state program "Saglyk" for a quarter of a century has raised the health care of our state in its development to a qualitatively new level.

Thus, a new model of human health protection has been formed in our country, which has made it possible to provide medical care to every citizen and significantly expand the range of medical services.

In the first place was improved management of the health system and reformed its funding, strengthened material-technical base of medical institutions, introduced the licensing of medical and pharmaceutical activities, strengthened primary health care and streamlined hospital bed Fund.

Since January 1, 1996, the state voluntary medical insurance of citizens has been introduced, and the transition to family-based services has been gradually implemented.

In 1998, the country opened the first modern cardiology medical center, which immediately received the status of an international one. This was made possible thanks to its equipment with advanced medical equipment, as well as methods of diagnosis and treatment of diseases, including surgical ones. Cooperation with leading clinics and research centers in Germany plays an important role in the work of the center.

Almost every year, new specialized centers were opened, turning the southern part of the capital into a high-tech medical town. The international training and research center of the Ministry of health and medical industry and the scientific and clinical center of Oncology are also located here.

In 2010, the same medical campus appeared on the Northern outskirts of Ashgabat, combining specialized medical centers for infectious diseases. In the past few years built and equipped with advanced medical equipment of new building of the research and clinical cardiology centers, health care for mother and child, modern warehouse Chief pharmacy associations, Morphological center, a center for prevention of particularly dangerous infections, Centre for public health and nutrition and other medical institutions in the capital and in the provinces.

For 25 years, a lot of work has been done to create a modern medical industry. 92 medical institutions have been built and put into operation in our country: new modern clinics of international level, hospitals, hospitals, medical centers, health homes throughout the territory of Turkmenistan.

Equally important in the state program "Saglyk" is the training of highly qualified specialists. In 2010, the state medical University of Turkmenistan named after Murat Garryev was established. In addition, there are medical schools that provide training for secondary medical personnel. The reform opened an opportunity for the development of medical science, the introduction of advanced, scientifically based methods of treatment and prevention of various diseases. In this direction, the national health service received an additional boost due to the high performance of scientific developments of Turkmen medical scientists, which allowed to solve many issues related to the treatment and prevention of diseases in the country, relying, inter alia, on close cooperation with foreign specialists.

Over the past years, Turkmenistan has established itself as an active participant in the world health organization, specialized agencies and institutes of the United Nations and other international structures dealing with human health. Together with them, our country has implemented and continues to implement large-scale and long-term projects and programs aimed at eliminating dangerous diseases, eliminating their causes, improving forms and methods of treating diseases, creating and developing a broad system of healthy lifestyle in society.

Turkmenistan has been awarded international awards and certificates in the field of elimination of diseases such as dracunculiasis, polio, malaria, measles and rubella, as well as prevention of non-communicable diseases and maintaining high rates of immunization of children. Turkmenistan has received international recognition as a country that has achieved universal salt iodization and is a leader in flour fortification.

Based on the results of 20 years of implementation of the state program "Saglyk", a new version was developed and approved for 2015-2025. This qualitatively updated document outlined high standards of national health care and defined the main goals in the development of medicine in Turkmenistan for a long-term ten-year perspective. The program provides for further development of national experience and achievements in the field of prevention and treatment of diseases, improvement of public health, improvement of the relevant infrastructure, introduction of the latest methods of diagnosis and treatment into medical practice, strengthening the principles of a healthy lifestyle in society, and development of international cooperation.

Source: newspaper "Neutral Turkmenistan".

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