Containers for plastic waste were installed in Ashgabat and Akhal velayat

Containers for plastic waste were installed in Ashgabat and Akhal velayat

Containers for collecting plastic waste have been installed in several places in Ashgabat and Akhal velayat. This is reported by the UNDP in Turkmenistan.

You can see the location of containers on the map:

  • Yildiz hotel (2 boxes) - 17 Bagtyarly street;
  • the hotel "Senagatchy" (2 Boxes);
  • Archabil, 35 - "Vass" hotel (2 boxes));
  • Ardabil, 19 - hotel "Nebitchi" (2 box));
  • Archabil, 29 - production base of "Buig-Turkmen" company (1 box);
  • Ak-Bugday etrap; - construction site of "Buig-Turkmen" company (5 boxes));
  • Us Embassy-1984 street (Pushkin street) (9);
  • American school - intersection of Archabil shayoli and Ataturk streets - industrial zone (18 boxes))
  • Etrap Ak-Bugday of the Akhal velayat;
  • private sector- d/o named. Magtymguly.

Containers for plastic waste were created thanks to a joint project of UNDP and the Ministry of agriculture and environmental protection of Turkmenistan "Sustainable cities in Turkmenistan: Integrated development of green cities in Ashgabat and Avaza", which is funded by the Global environment facility.

One of the expected results of this project is "in Ashgabat, the volume of waste is reduced and recycling is increasing", which has its own indicators, namely:

- widespread knowledge in the field of waste management;

- sorting of household waste is carried out;

- the private sector is actively recycling and re-uses waste.

According to the project, it is planned to install pilot containers for collecting waste paper and glass in the near future.

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