"Turkmenaragatnashyk" acquire hundreds of base stations of new generation

"Turkmenaragatnashyk" acquire hundreds of base stations of new generation

At the tender stage, the Agency "Turkmenaragatnashyk" is implementing a large-scale project "Development of telecommunications networks of Turkmenistan", the website "Turkmenistan: Golden age" reports.

The project is funded by the Islamic Development Bank, which has opened a credit line of 273 million us dollars, which provides for the formation of a communication system based on advanced technologies, increasing the volume, quality and range of communication services, along with providing broadband Internet access in the most remote corners of the country.

The funds allocated by the Bank will be used to purchase and install hundreds of new generation base stations that support NGN (Next Generation Network) standards. Multi-service billing platforms will be installed for “Turkmentelekom” and the Ashgabat city telephone network.

The project provides for the implementation of a whole block of technical measures. Within its framework, it is planned to develop cellular and wired communications, modernize international and long-distance telephone stations, develop high-speed data channels, expand FM radio broadcasting, and create a state automated system for managing and monitoring the use of the radio frequency spectrum (ASUIRS).


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