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In Turkmenistan, the winners of the "Entrepreneur of the year-2019" contest were determined

In Turkmenistan, the winners of the "Entrepreneur of the year-2019" contest were determined

The winners of the “Entrepreneur of the year – 2019” competition were determined in Turkmenistan, the “Neutral Turkmenistan” newspaper reports.

This is the most prestigious title for entrepreneurs, which is awarded based on the results of a competition organized by the Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs together with the party of Industrialists and entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan.

This year it was held in eleven categories. The award ceremony was held in the Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan and was timed to the 12th anniversary of the Union. The ceremony was attended by Alexander Dadayev, Chairman of the Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs, and Saparmurat Ovganov, Chairman of the party of Industrialists and entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan.

In the field of construction, "Türkmen Awtoban", "Ussat inžener", "Aktab" were recognized as winners. In the category "Best in industry", the first place was awarded by the competition Commission to ES "Himiýa Senagat". The Deputy Director for production of "Guş toplumy" took the stage to receive the badge of honor in the category "Best producer of agricultural products".

The title "Exporter of the year" was given to the ES "Derýaplastik". The products produced at the three plants are exported to Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Russia, and the Baltic States.

The ranks of young entrepreneurs joined the Chary Sahedov from Mary. He received a badge of Honor in the category for the release of new products. In the confectionery market, the individual enterprise "Doganlar ýyldyzy" is only in its second year, but sweets with this and other brands have already made a worthy competition with well-known manufacturers.

Women were in the minority among the contestants. But what names – Maya Dadaeva, Gulayim Novruzaliyeva, Maya Myradova. They are different in age, they have different business and experience, and together they are an example of how personal qualities plus opportunities created in society help to realize their potential, become a successful businesswoman and take a worthy place in society.

The competition Commission also determined the winners in the categories of innovation and technology, trade and services, ecology, entrepreneur of the year in the city of Ashgabat and for each velayat. Among the winners are "Berk ojak", "Hil standart", "Gujurly Nesil", "Täze aý önümleri", "Begler ýoly" and other economic societies and individual enterprises. Among received the title of "Entrepreneur of the year 2019" individual entrepreneurs Nurmuhammet Gapurov, Amandursyn Begjanova, Aknabat Toviyeva, Rejep Bazarov, Rustem Nurlyev.

With the support of the state and thanks to their talent and perseverance, they show that Turkmenistan produces products of international quality that are in demand on world markets.

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