By 2024, statelessness will be eliminated in Turkmenistan

By 2024, statelessness will be eliminated in Turkmenistan

This was stated in the UNHCR publication

Every year in Turkmenistan, events are held to accept the citizenship of the country of persons who have submitted the relevant documents. Since 2011, 9,743 people have been granted citizenship of Turkmenistan. This pace and dynamics demonstrate the country's determination to end statelessness by 2024.

Turkmenistan has made a huge step in reducing and preventing statelessness by joining four UN conventions: the 1951 refugee Convention and the 1967 New York Protocol, which supplements it, and the 1954 and 1961 statelessness conventions. Turkmenistan adopted the first law on refugees in 1997.

The government of Turkmenistan is working systematically in this direction within the framework of The national program for the elimination of statelessness for 2018-2024, which will help not only registered stateless persons, but also develop procedures for preventing statelessness.

UNHCR provides all necessary assistance in implementing this program. It is planned to Refine data on refugees and SP in the framework of the national census in 2022.
Recall that the UNHCR office was opened in Ashgabat in 1995, and on March 4, 1998, an agreement on cooperation between the UNHCR and the government of Turkmenistan was signed.

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