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The delayed coking unit is being installed in Turkmenbashi


The delayed coking plant will be installed at the Turkmenbashi complex of oil refineries (TCOR).

The installation work is carried out by the American company Westport Trading Europe Limited and WTL (FZE) from the United Arab Emirates, according to the website "Turkmenistan: Golden age".

Westport Trading Europe Limited is well-known in the Turkmen oil and gas market: it participated in the commissioning of the plant for the production of 37.2 thousand tons of high-quality road bitumen per year, as well as in the reconstruction of the reforming equipment for obtaining high-octane gasoline at the Seyidi oil refinery. And now, the company has won the tender to complete the construction of the DCP at TCOR. It will have to build a complex consisting of two installations – delayed coking and tar DE asphalting, whose task is to process heavy residues of tar and fuel oil.

The design capacity of the new equipment, the licensor and designer of which is the leading company in the industry Foster Wheeler - 900 thousand tons of products per year. In addition to the total petroleum coke, it will also produce liquefied petroleum gas, which, after additional purification, will be sent to the plant to produce commercial liquefied gas for export.

With the launch of the new plant, which is scheduled to be completed in 2022, TCOR will increase production of petroleum coke, gasoline, liquefied gas and high-quality road bitumen.

In the future, it is possible to maximize the use of new equipment for commissioning an additional section for producing needle coke - a key raw material that, due to its unique properties, allows creating heavy-duty graphite electrodes used mainly in metallurgy. The release of the new oil product will allow Turkmenistan to enter the international market with high-quality goods that are in demand in India, China, the EU, the CIS and other regions of the world.

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