The President of Turkmenistan examined the readiness of the Olympic town for major international competitions

The President of Turkmenistan examined the readiness of the Olympic town for major international competitions

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov visited the capital's Olympic town, where three major international events in the world of sports will be held in the upcoming year 2020: the world Sambo championship, the Asian Futsal championship and the Davis Cup tennis tournament (Asia/Oceania Zone, group IV), the state news Agency of Turkmenistan reports.

The head of state personally oversees the preparation for large-scale sports events, which largely determines their great success. An example of this is the triumphant 2017 V Asian indoor and martial arts games, and the 2018 world weightlifting Championships.

These and other representative competitions, which were hosted by Ashgabat with the generosity of a hospitable host and with full responsibility of the organizer, not only strengthened the sports prestige of Turkmenistan, but also raised the authority of the state as an influential center of international life even higher.

They were an opportunity to once again show the world the potential of our country, its focus on broad partnership, strengthening of friendly and business contacts, establishing an atmosphere of trust and mutual understanding in the region and on the planet, and also stimulated the development of mass sports and tourism industry.

That is why the issues of holding such status events are under the close attention of the head of state.

The mega-project of construction in Ashgabat of the largest universal sports complex in the region – the Olympic town-was also personally supervised by the head of state at each stage of its implementation, making adjustments and inspecting literally every section of the grandiose structure.

On Saturday, head of state Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov again arrived on the territory of the Olympic town of the Turkmen capital to get acquainted with the preparation of its facilities for significant international tournaments.

Here the President of Turkmenistan was met by Deputy Prime Minister P.Agamyradov, the mayor of Ashgabat SH.Durdylyev, as well as the Minister of sports and youth policy of the country D.Gulgeldiev.

The President started a conversation with the leaders on the move, asking about the state of Affairs and asking specific questions about the various activities launched in the Olympic town.

Noticing the sports bikes lined up in a row, the head of state drew attention to the differences in their modification and said that the main requirement for sports equipment, which is purchased for our athletes, is the quality and the best technical characteristics.

Having given a number of instructions, the head of state went to the complex of game sports.

There was presented a sports uniform in various design options for members of the national team that will represent Turkmenistan at the 2020 Olympic games in Tokyo. The complete set includes sports equipment and uniforms.

Minister of sports and youth policy D.Gulgeldiev reported on what fabrics are made of sports equipment, the features of its design, taking into account the purpose.

The head of state very carefully considered all items of clothing for athletes from the point of view of practicality and comfort, compared the options of its color scheme and design in the style of national traditional decor and identified the most successful.

The President specified that the sports uniforms of the Olympians should correspond to the natural and climatic features of Japan and reflect the pronounced elements of Turkmen culture in the decor. But most importantly, it should be as comfortable as possible for athletes with their regime of long-term physical activity and loads.

The head of state made comments on certain aspects of making sports uniforms for the national team, made his recommendations and noted that the entire set of Olympic "ammunition" should be designed in the same style, be functional, high-quality and beautiful.

The Turkmen leader was presented with sketches of the design of premises and facades of buildings where international competitions will be held.

The sports complexes of the Olympic town have all the conditions for holding high-level tournaments and organizing an effective training process. Turkmen athletes, using the opportunities of modern infrastructure provided to them, improve their skills, take part in exit training camps and competitions.

This is facilitated by the involvement of experienced foreign experts in mentoring, who unanimously note the high level of equipment of the Turkmen sports facilities and, first of all, the Olympic town.

But a holiday is a holiday, it is on this wave that competitions of the best athletes from many countries of the world are held in our country. And it is customary to prepare for the holiday in all directions, including design.

The mayor of Ashgabat Sh.Durdylyev reported to President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov on the level of readiness of the Olympic town complexes for international competitions, on its design, and also presented projects for the improvement of the avenues on which the building of sports complexes opens.

The President carefully studied the drafts, made a few comments and made some amendments. In particular, it was noted that at the intersection of two adjacent avenues, traffic should be allowed to flow through the tunnel in order to give pedestrians unimpeded access to The Olympic city on this side via a land crossing.

The head of state also expressed the idea to install a stele in the center of the intersection in order to decorate this corner of the capital and make it more meaningful. All this should be in harmony with the beautiful architectural appearance of Ashgabat, the President said.

You must make sure all planned work performed in the city for its improvement and development of road transport network contributed to the creation of the best conditions for the athletes coming to our country in international competitions, and numerous guests of the capital, said the head of state and gave hakyim city, specific instructions to address these issues simultaneously with the preparations for the upcoming major events.

After leaving the sports complex, the President cycled to the building where the Asian Futsal championship will be held. Here, the head of state inspected the mini-football field, got acquainted with the placement of equipment, how the stands are arranged for spectators.

Today, the principles of a healthy lifestyle are being strengthened in our country, the head of state said, noting with satisfaction that more and more people, especially young people, are becoming involved in physical education and sports.

At the same time, the construction of modern sports complexes and stadiums continues in all regions and in the capital. And here you also need to pay attention to their equipment with the latest equipment, take care of the availability of qualified coaching staff and other specialists in the field of sports.

As it was noted, football is a team game, it brings up the athlete’s commitment and spirit of collectivism, unites them and teaches them to work "in conjunction", develops personal and social qualities of a person, as well as spatial thinking and reaction, the ability to predict and act quickly. Of course, all these skills will be useful for achieving high results not only in sports, but also in life, the head of state said.

The President then proceeded to the martial arts Complex where the Sambo world championship will be held next year. The head of state inspected the spectator stands, the venue for matches, assessing the conditions created for athletes, judges and fans, and also paid attention to the design of the hall.

Speaking about the significance of the world Sambo Championship, the head of state stressed that martial arts are traditionally a very popular sport in Turkmenistan. This is due to the national wrestling quresh, and with a great interest in the Eastern martial arts, for different types of which in our country there are many sections, formed Federation.

As for Sambo, it is not only a sport, but also a huge educational work. It is no coincidence that the coaches set the guys up for a confident and, at the same time, safe fight. First of all, this struggle develops personality-endurance, fortitude, fortitude, courage, bravery. As you know, Turkmen athletes successfully perform at the world Championships in martial arts.

The President instructed the relevant managers to ensure a high organizational level of the upcoming competitions. The emphasis was placed on the need to effectively use all the facilities of the Olympic town and the conditions created in them. As it was emphasized, this is necessary in order for Turkmen athletes to achieve high results in competitions in 2020 – at the world Sambo Championship, in international tennis competitions. In this regard, a number of instructions were also given.

By the way, the relevant Committee of the International Tennis Federation made a proposal to hold a stage of the international tennis tournament for the Davis Cup in Ashgabat in 2020. It is expected that sports delegations from 17 countries will participate in this tournament. Athletes who successfully performed at the Ashgabat stage will win the right to participate in the 3rd group of the Davis Cup qualifying tournament in 2021.

Proceeding to the indoor tennis court, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov noted that the holding of the stage of the international tennis tournament for the Davis Cup in Ashgabat is a convincing evidence of the growing authority of neutral Turkmenistan in the international sports arena and a great opportunity for further wide promotion of sports, including tennis in our country.

In accordance with the Decree of the head of state, the Ministry of sports and youth policy was given permission, together with the tennis Federation of Turkmenistan and the International Tennis Federation, to hold the Davis Cup stage (Asia/Oceania Zones, group IV) in the Olympic town of Ashgabat, in the tennis complex, on June 8-15, 2020.

In this context, special importance should be attached to the good preparation of students of the relevant Institute and athletes of the country for these competitions. The tennis hall of the complex is equipped in accordance with all modern requirements. The head of state was interested in the preparatory work that had been carried out here, focusing on the need to take into account all the indicators.

In the Olympic town of the capital, along with halls for Sambo, kickboxing, judo, boxing, taekwondo, karate, wrestling, tennis facilities fully meet international standards, the head of state stressed. As with other sports facilities, its design and construction were fully taken into account and met all the technical standards of the International Olympic Committee.

Currently, this largest sports town in Central Asia is used for organizing major competitions, training athletes, and conducting health classes. It should also be noted that the national team of Turkmenistan, which will compete at the summer Olympic games in Tokyo, is training here, and preparations for the international competitions in 2020 are being conducted at the highest level.

The head of state noted that the holding of the Davis Cup in our country will be of great importance for the development of various sports in our country. This means that we must take all measures to ensure a high organizational level of these competitions.

Expressing confidence that Turkmen athletes will achieve even higher results at the upcoming Davis Cup tournament in Ashgabat, the head of state noted the high activity of Turkmen people in mass physical education and sports and expressed confidence that there will be many spectators in the stands who will support their compatriots on the court.

In this regard, the head of state noted that the facilities of the Olympic town provide a high level of organization of international meetings, all conditions for athletes and fans are created here, and that these issues are approached with full responsibility. Expressing overall satisfaction with the results of the inspection of the objects of the town, the President gave a number of instructions to the relevant managers to control the preparatory work.

As the head of state noted, the necessary efforts should be made to use the world experience and introduce digital technologies when carrying out the relevant work.

Our main goal is to develop physical education and sports, to strengthen the principles of a healthy lifestyle, the Olympic movement. The state invests huge amounts of money for these purposes, the head of state noted.

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov instructed the relevant managers to make effective use of the country's sports infrastructure and experience in conducting international competitions. he wished everyone success and left the Olympic town.

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