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Wendy Bondeson (USA): “Teams will have a basketball play on sports chairs”

Wendy Bondeson (USA): “Teams will have a basketball play on sports chairs”

Events on the adaptation of disabled people through sports 7-17 October 2019 in Turkmenistan. The Development and Operations Manager of “Sportable” Wendy Bondeson gave an interview to the special correspondent of “Turkmenportal” at Olimp hotel of Capital.  

- Can you share your impressions about Turkmenistan?

- So, we’ve been here for three days now, and it was wonderful. It’s been very nice. Today, we took a tour around you know, and saw all the different sights. We went to bazaar, which is called a market. People have been really friendly and you know, curious to speak English, they want to try to communicate with you. That we are very thankful to be invited here and to participate.

- How was the organization here?

- Organization is quite well, embassy work well. It’s been very good.

- What are your expectations form competition?

-  I think, my expectation is just to see what we can do to help here and what they want to learn from us or what they’re doing we can learn from and just sharing and seeing how I understand we have sports chairs, and they don’t have sports chairs here.

- Will athletes play basketball on special sport chairs?

- So, we have sport chairs specifically for sports, so they don’t seem to have them here. So, tomorrow we’ll be going to the village, we go to bring them for them to see and show them how to take care of them. Teams will have a basketball play on sports chairs.

- How do you see a Turkmen team? Have you had a chance to meet them?

- Yes, today we did a sitting volleyball, that was very good. They actually played with America last year and did some stuff with us. It was very good, and we recognized a few of them. Not all of them came, just some. They were really helpful and want to show us how to do, yeah.

- I wish success in competitions. Would you like to express anything to the readers of our informational portal?

- Yeah, thank you for inviting us and giving us such opportunities.

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