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A meeting of the working group on the implementation of SDG in Turkmenistan was held in Ashgabat

A meeting of the working group on the implementation of SDG in Turkmenistan was held in Ashgabat

Today, the foreign Ministry held a meeting of the Working group on the implementation of the sustainable development Goals (SDG) and The 2030 agenda for sustainable development in Turkmenistan, the Internet publication "Golden age" reports.

According to the information, the meeting was attended by members of the working group on the implementation of the SDG, heads of diplomatic missions and international organizations accredited in our country.

During the meeting, the results of the presentation of the Voluntary national review of Turkmenistan on the implementation of the SDG in the country and the next steps in this direction were discussed.

According to the source, Turkmenistan was noted as a good example in the integration of SDG in the development of all sectors of the socio-economic base of the country. It was emphasized that in Turkmenistan the sustainable development Goals are fully adapted to national policies and currently 84 percent of the SDG objectives are reflected in national and sectoral programs.

During the presentations, further steps for the practical implementation of the SDG were discussed. It should be noted that Turkmenistan has shown openness in the process of implementing the 2030 Agenda. All 17 sustainable development Goals have been adopted, as well as 148 of 169 targets according to their acceptability for the country and its population.

The permanent coordinator of the UN in Turkmenistan Elena Panova stressed that the constructive proposals of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov to achieve the sustainable development goals for the period up to 2030 are widely supported by the world community.

In conclusion, the participants of the meeting spoke for the need to intensify cooperation in the implementation of the SDG, stressing that their implementation, as well as active cooperation with the UN,  are priority areas of the national development strategy focused on industrial and innovative growth and improving the welfare of the people, the information says.

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