5 reasons to use special clothing

5 reasons to use special clothing

Today, more and more managers of various enterprises note the mandatory availability and introduction of uniform special clothing among employees.  

1.  Special clothing and safety at work

In recent years, special clothing has become a familiar and integral part of the image of workers in the production sector, the agro-industrial complex, the scientific environment, etc. It is designed to protect them from adverse factors of production and the environment, which guarantees care for the personnel of enterprises and organizations. Proper special clothing provide not only safety, but also the quality of the work performed, it is a mandatory element of the form of any enterprise. There are many professions where special clothing is required-it is a mandatory attribute of protecting the health and safety of people when performing many types of work. Therefore, the responsible Manager always takes care of compliance with all requirements for the organization of work in production.


2.  Based products – a wealth of textures

Special clothing is not just a uniform. It must meet certain requirements., able to move large production loads. The material for the manufacture of such overalls must be of high quality, it depends on the service life and wear resistance of the product. To create special clothing, use the most suitable fabrics for such purposes, depending on each area of activity of the employee. 


3.  Responding to protective characteristics

Special clothing protects employees from industrial injuries, as well as provides sanitary and hygienic protection. This uniform provides resistance to high temperatures, cold and humidity. Convenient, comfortable and safe special clothing plays a significant role in performing various, including time-consuming actions. It has good wear resistance and protects a person from potential hazards associated with their profession. In addition, overalls protect against weather conditions and accidents, so its choice should be taken seriously. 



4.  Logo and more

High-quality special clothing should be not only functional, but also memorable. Made in a single style, it is inextricably linked with the image, and this will help the consumer clearly distinguish the company from competitors. Therefore, the management of many enterprises prefers to put the organization's logos on clothing, which makes it recognizable. 

It is noteworthy that special clothing with distinctive corporate prints will also serve as additional advertising for the organization's services.

What parameters to focus on if you need to sew special clothing:

  • Breathability.
  • Low weight.
  • Strength.
  • Resistance to contamination.
  • Modern fashion design.
  • Use of additional elements. 


5.  Key aspects of the quality

Knowing what you need special clothing for, how to choose it correctly and what advantages the uniform gives to the owner, the management can start searching for a company that will supply individual suits or wholesale batches for large enterprises. As a rule, it should be a reliable manufacturer who will responsibly approach the issue of production, take into account all significant parameters, offer various options and help you make the right choice of uniforms. Currently, companies aimed at long-term cooperation use high-quality materials, use professional equipment and create beautiful, convenient, functional and inexpensive things that will serve an employee of any sphere for a long time. 

One of these companies in the Turkmen market of the sewing industry is the sole proprietor "Geran", founded in 2013. The company specializes in manufacturing corporate, special, and women's and children's clothing. The company has a chain of stores where it sells products. In addition to the presented assortment, it is possible to manufacture to order, including the application of corporate logos of the company.

“Geran” sewing production offers a wide range of medical, construction, work clothing, as well as clothing for every day and evening wear. The texture and style of each outfit is well thought out – because the product should be not only beautiful, but also comfortable.

The work of IE “Geran” is built to keep up with the times, the team uses unusual solutions and design techniques, creatively comprehend the traditions of national costume made of natural fabrics from the perspective of today. Everything is done to help each customer find and choose their own individual style. Here you will be offered not only a fashionable cut, but also choose modern, original accessories.

The modern clothing market is quite diverse. For this reason, employees of the “Geran” clothing production are constantly searching for a new image that meets the fashion trends, in order to provide optimal benefits and comfort for their customers.

IE “Geran” cooperates with many institutions, as well as with companies of medium and small businesses. 

Currently, there are 7 stores in Ashgabat, which allows everyone to get to them from almost anywhere in the city without difficulties.

In the near future, it is planned to open a chain of stores in the Lebap and Balkan velayats.

All additional information can be obtained by calling +99365987575, +99363518899.

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