New advances in the treatment of brain tumors

New advances in the treatment of brain tumors

Prof. Dr. İlhan Elmacı is one of the best specialists of the Acıbadem Maslak clinic. His name is known in many countries of the world. It is used by patients with brain tumors.

İlhan Elmacıexplained that any tumor of the brain, squeezing it, lead to the violation of vital functions. They are often located in hard-to-reach places. Their removal requires maximum precision from the surgeon, because damage to healthy tissues can lead to serious consequences.

Constantly improving, the clinic’s specialists have achieved excellent results in treatment. Now the risk of complications after brain surgery is only 2%. If 15 years ago it was 10–15 percent. "Treatment in each case is selected individually, often surgery is the only option", says the Professor.

When to sound the alarm

In the Acıbadem Maslak clinic, the tumor is diagnosed at the earliest stages, when it is successfully treated. The earlier the tumor is removed, the more likely it is that vital functions will not be affected. «You don’t need to risk your life waiting for the tumor to reach stage 4," warns the neurosurgeon.
Symptoms of the presence of a tumor can include frequent headaches, constant malaise, numbness of the limbs, memory impairment, and loss of concentration. Professor Ilkhan Elmadzhi also explains that the risk of developing tumors increases with frequent stress, abuse of harmful food, alcohol and Smoking.

Specialists of the Acıbadem clinic use modern diagnostic tools to make the correct diagnosis, which allow to determine the problem at the initial stage.

New technologies are the key to successful treatment

A team of doctors deals with the treatment of brain tumors. It includes radiologists, oncologists, neurologists, neurosurgeons, and neuroanesthesiologists. Their knowledge and experience allow them to cope with the most difficult problems and win the fight against the disease. Surgery is performed using advanced technologies.

Prof. Dr. İlhan Elmacı focuses on neuromonitoring, explaining that in the operating room, regardless of whether the patient is under anesthesia or not, there is a continuous assessment of the electrical activity of the brain. In parallel, neuroradiological studies are conducted, which helps to accurately determine the location of areas responsible for vital functions in the body and assess the work of the brain as a whole.

Each person’s brain has certain characteristics. The doctor evaluates them before surgery. New technologies and the use of special software allow us to do this at the highest level. Neuroradiologists can accurately determine the location of the tumor. Neuromonitoring significantly reduces the risk of damage to the finest brain structures that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

It is particularly difficult to treat metastases that can spread to the brain in lung cancer, breast cancer, and lymphoma. In the clinic handle it with the help of Gamma Knife. This latest technology allows you to use therapeutic radiation doses with maximum accuracy, without affecting healthy tissues.
Dr. Ilkhan Elmadzhi emphasizes that in the Acıbadem clinic, the treatment of patients with brain tumors is carried out by a team of specialists, that is, the condition is evaluated comprehensively, modern technologies are used and thus maximum success is ensured.

Unique range of services in Acıbadem.

Acıbadem clinic network was founded in 1991. Provides healthcare services in 4 countries, in 21 clinics and 14 medical centers. Acıbadem employs almost 22,500 people, including 3,500 doctors and 4,000 nurses.

Currently, the Acıbadem network of clinics provides diagnostics and treatment according to A-class medical standards. It is important to note that the high quality of the clinics is confirmed by Joint Commission International. Acıbadem clinics provide a wide range of services in all medical fields using innovative technologies, including diagnostics and treatment of diseases in the field of Oncology, IVF, neurosurgery, orthopedics, cardiology, gynecology, sports medicine, etc.

Note that representatives of the Acıbadem clinic are located in Turkmenistan. They can offer you a consultation and, if necessary, help you arrange a trip to Turkey for treatment, phone: + 90538 2603673 (Whatsapp) Serdar Nurmedov.

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