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How a business directory helps promote your business

How a business directory helps promote your business

A business directory is a very useful thing in the development and popularization of a business, both for a businessman and for his potential clients or partners. It is business directories that allow both to find each other.

Business directories allow companies, banks, industrial associations, enterprises to place information about themselves and their activities in a single publication specially designed for this, and facilitates their search for potential partners. The presence on the pages of a business directory can also positively influence a company's image.

Business directories can be both highly specialized (containing information only about a specific industry or service sector, and multidisciplinary, in which you can find information about any type of business or production. Highly specialized business directories are automotive, pharmaceutical, travel; there are directories especially for entrepreneurs There are also regional business directories containing information on various goods and services in a specific area.

The organization that publishes such directories receives income from payment for posting information about companies, firms, industrial associations on its pages. Such directories are often distributed free of charge.

The benefit of posting information about a business in business directories is that they are usually viewed by those who are directly interested in finding specific information about companies, enterprises or services. Thus, business directories are one of the most effective ways to advertise and popularize the company's activities.

Turkmenistan is preparing to release a new business directory “Tanat”, which is a collection of information about the goods, services and services of our country. The business directory is planned to be issued with a circulation of 10,000 copies and will be divided into categories, which will make it convenient for the reader to search for services of interest or services that can be used in the country. High quality paper will be used to print the business directory.

Information inside the directory can be placed in sizes A4, A5, A6 and A8 (business card holder), depending on the wishes of the customer. It should be said that many will appreciate the advantages of the business card holder (A8), since its cost is only 0.05 tenge. Tanat will be distributed free of charge throughout Turkmenistan.

Registration of clients for advertising placement began on 06.06.2021 and will continue until 08.08.2021. At the moment, a large number of places in the magazine have already been registered and booked. Business directory “Tanat” will be printed on 10.10.2021.

To place an application, you should contact the office of the design studio “Emel” or call +993 (12) 280334, +993 (63) 606363. You can also contact by e-mail, or write to the profile direct at Instagram @emel.designstudio, @tanat.emel.



Video: "Tanat" business directory is the modern solution for advertising your business

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