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How to import goods from Turkey?

How to import goods from Turkey?

Individual enterprise "Form Export" invites entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan to cooperate and offers assistance in the supply of various goods made in Turkey.

"Form Export" is an export service provider. The scope of the «Form Export» includes the supply of various goods from Turkey: hygiene products, household chemicals, food chemistry, baby diapers, wet wipes, building materials, cables and more.

"Form Export" is ready to provide a full range of services for organizing the export of goods to Turkmenistan: from the conclusion of contracts with manufacturers to the shipment of goods to Turkmenistan by means of trucks, followed by customs clearance and the withdrawal of the cost of goods. Also, to reduce the cost of transportation, IE Form Export" organizes the joint shipment of goods to several customers at the same time (group container rental). At the request of «Form Export» Customer orders any goods from Turkish manufacturers and shipping to Turkmenistan.

IE "Form Export" is ready to provide services for the pouring and packing of cosmetic and perfumery products of Turkish production, including Turkmen logo, and also order from the manufacturer of any product of this type, and its delivery to Turkmenistan. In addition, "Form Export" is a supplier of perfume and cosmetic products of the "Form" brand to Turkmenistan - liquid and gel sanitizers, colognes, air fresheners, perfumes with fragrances of famous brands. In this regard, "Form Export" invites regional dealers to cooperate in the sale of these products in Turkmen market.

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