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Where to place free ads in Turkmenistan?

Where to place free ads in Turkmenistan?

Sometimes we have to sell goods and put ads on the Internet.

But what are the most popular online services in Turkmenistan? And that they were free.

Turkmenportal has prepared a list of the most efficient online trading sites in Turkmenistan.

There are a lot of trading platforms: websites, various mobile applications, sales through social networks, etc.

All of them are very comfortable and competitive. We will tell only about a few, the most popular ones.


Mobile application designed for Android and IOS. It has the largest audience in Turkmenistan. Here you can set your ad for free. Very convenient, easy application. Also has paid services. Recently, it became possible to pay for paid services through “Altyn Asyr” bank cards.

Also for the convenience of users launched a web site.

Details about "TMCARS" you can read here.

2. "Nesip etsin"

Mobile application designed for Android. The developers promise to soon release a version for IOS. Despite the fact that it is new, the application has already managed to collect a huge number of users. The application is easy, everything is divided into categories, user-friendly interface, smart search, it is possible to correspond with users about ads. Advertise - free. There are also paid services and the possibility of payment through “Altyn Asyr” bank cards.

3. Turkmenportal

On the site Turkmenportal there is a special category "Announcements", which is completely free for site users.

4. Vesntiktm

You can say one of the most popular and first web sites for ads. Ads can be put up for free, everything is divided into categories. Due to the emergence and popularization of mobile applications, the site has recently become less popular.

5. Naydizdes

It is also a popular website among users of Turkmenistan. Here you can find different ads and post your free.

What online services do you use in Turkmenistan? Send your review of all services to our mail

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Irina_ira ( 02.08.2022 )

Есть интернет-магазин Там тоже можно разместить частные объявления. Правда он не очень популярен...

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