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“BAKA” production of corrugated cardboard packaging

Туркменистан, Ашгабад, Копетдагский этрап, проспект Гарашсызлык, дом 78 кв. 23.
(+993 65) 50-16-66.
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Our company, IE "BAKA", has been producing corrugated board and cardboard packaging since 2018.

We are interested in cooperation with you and offer the supply of corrugated packaging and corrugated cardboard on a long-term or one-time basis.

Having wide opportunities for the production of corrugated cardboard and corrugated cardboard packaging, we are confident that we can most fully and on optimal conditions satisfy your needs in cardboard packaging.

Modern equipment at our plant allows us to produce corrugated packaging of any size and configuration at the request of the customer.

In the production of cardboard, only high-quality raw materials are used, supplied by our partners from different countries.

Our company develops transport containers from corrugated cardboard of complex die-cutting with the application of multicolor printing for enterprises of various industries.

We also provide flexo printing services. Flexo printing is one of the most popular types of printing on packaging materials, so the finished product is of high quality. Compared to other printing methods, flexo printing reduces the cost of production, which significantly reduces the overall cost of the customer.

The team of the company, IE "BAKA", are specialists with extensive experience who are always happy to help customers with the choice of products in a price-quality ratio.

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