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Floods in Libya have killed more than 11 thousand people, another 20 thousand are missing


As a result of the floods that hit northeast Libya, more than 11 thousand people died, and another 20 thousand are missing. Such data are provided by the Libyan Red Crescent Society, TASS reports.

It was previously reported that about 8 thousand people died as a result of floods and rainfall in this part of Libya.

According to the Red Crescent, at least 2 thousand bodies of the dead were washed away by the flood into the Mediterranean Sea. In addition, the public fears that as a result of the rains, a lot of unexploded ammunition and mines were washed out of the ground and transferred to the coast, which creates additional danger for residents of the north-eastern regions, as well as for rescue teams searching for the bodies of those killed under the rubble of collapsed houses and in coastal waters.

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