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Famous Russian chef tasted Turkmen fitches in the center of Ufa


Famous Russian chef, host of the culinary TV show “Just a Kitchen” Alexander Belkovich tasted Turkmen fitches in Ufa (Bashkiria) in one of his gastronomic tours “100 Places to Eat”.

Moreover, the "Turkmen pie", as Belkovich called it, evoked a lot of positive emotions in Sasha.

Before going to the Turkmen cafe "Merv", which is located in the very center of Ufa, the chef was surprised:

“Very strange, I am in Ufa, and they offer me to try some famous, delicious Turkmen pie. And I'll try!"

Already inside the cafe, the owner was waiting for him with hot and juicy fitches.

Belkovich did not miss the chance to tell the audience about the recipe:

“Fitches are baked from unleavened dough and they put a lot of meat with onions in it.”

Having tried the fitchi, Sasha exclaimed:

"How juicy he is! Lots of meat, lots of juice and onions. Oh, yes, a Turkmen pie, and even in the center of Ufa!”, The TV presenter praised.

Belkovich recommended to all his viewers to visit the cafe "Merv" and try the Turkmen fitches.

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