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The President of Turkmenistan congratulated the King of Morocco on the Day of Ascension to the Throne


President Serdar Berdimuhamedov sent sincere congratulations to the King of Morocco Mohammed VI on the occasion of the country's national holiday, the Day of Ascension to the Throne, celebrated today, the Turkmen television news program Watan reported.

Taking this pleasant opportunity, the head of Turkmenistan expressed his heartfelt wishes to King Mohammed VI of good health and happiness, and to the people of the Kingdom of Morocco - peace, further progress and prosperity.

The Kingdom of Morocco is a dualistic monarchy, in which the king formally shares power with parliament, but in fact retains extensive powers of authority. On the modern political map of the world, the country appeared on March 2, 1956, when it gained independence, and before that, Morocco for a long time was ruled first by Spain and then by France.

The current royal family of Morocco belongs to the Alawite dynasty, which was founded by Moulay Rashid ibn Sherif, who in 1666 proclaimed himself Sultan of Morocco and thereby put an end to the Saadian dynasty that ruled the country before that.

Throne Day was established after Morocco gained independence, when the title of Sultan was abolished in the country and the title of King was introduced instead. During the reign of King Mohammed V (until 1961), the holiday was celebrated on November 18, during the reign of Hassan II (from 1961 to 1999) - on March 3, and after the ascension to the throne of Mohammed VI, the date of the holiday was moved to July 30.

In fact, Mohammed VI became King of Morocco on July 23, 1999, the day of the death of his father Hassan II. However, the official enthronement ceremony (ascension to the throne) took place a week later - on July 30. This date is now celebrated in Morocco as Throne Day.

Traditionally, Throne Day celebrations in Morocco are accompanied by official celebrations. In honor of the holiday, military parades are usually held in the country. In addition, folk festivals are held on the holiday.

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