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Coddy School invites schoolchildren to programming courses


Coddy International Children's Programming School and Ish Nokady invite schoolchildren to take programming courses.

The Coddy school teaches children and teenagers the basics of such IT disciplines as "Developing 3D models for games", "Game 3D modeling in Blender", Harvard CS50 course, which includes a comprehensive study of information technology, Unity 3D, "Minecraft : an introduction to artificial intelligence”, “Development of mods for Minecraft”. Also, the guys will be able to gain knowledge in the field of creating games in Roblox Studio and the basics of programming in Python and creating bots with it.
Digital technologies occupy an increasing part of everyday life every day, and many professions of the future will be directly related to the IT field. Therefore, it is so important to prepare the younger generation for the future now.

The profession of a programmer and software developer is one of the most demanded and highly paid. By learning to code now, children and teenagers are thus investing in their own future.

Studying at Coddy develops programming and computer thinking skills, gives knowledge of how digital technologies work, and helps to unleash creativity.

To sign up for a consultation about studying at Coddy, you must fill out the appropriate form or call (+993 63) 42 67 51 and (+993 63) 47 11 92.

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