Floods in Serbia and Australia, New York in a snow blockade, a series of earthquakes in Indonesia

Floods in Serbia and Australia, New York in a snow blockade, a series of earthquakes in Indonesia
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November of this year turned out to be rich in unpleasant surprises from nature. Floods, unprecedented cold and earthquakes test the inhabitants of various regions of the planet.

Severe floods hit the southern regions of Serbia, where due to heavy rains the level of local rivers increased by more than half a meter in just one night. Houses, streets and industrial facilities were flooded. The authorities have declared a state of emergency in the country and are urging citizens not to use bridges due to the fact that they can be carried away by a stream of water.

Photo: Darko Vojinovic/AP/ТАСС

In Australia, in which the climatic spring has now come (since the continent is in the southern hemisphere, the seasons here are directly opposite to the north), prolonged downpours hit the southeastern regions - the states of New South Wales and Victoria. The farmlands were completely flooded with water, many farmers cannot even get to their plantations, as the roads were also flooded. Many regions were left without electricity, this year's harvest, especially grapes, is under threat.

While Australia is flooded with rain, the state of New York in the USA was covered with snow. The amount of snow that fell during the day turned out to be three times more than during the whole of last winter. Roads are swept up, public transport does not run, and the authorities urge the population not to use personal transport if possible. Even snowplows get stuck in the snowdrifts. Strong winds cut off power lines, leaving thousands of homes without electricity. Flights have been canceled and schools have also been temporarily closed.

In Indonesia this week there were two strong earthquakes at once. On November 21, on the island of Java, near the capital of the country, Jakarta, the strength of the tremors was 5,6 points. Thousands of homes, schools and hospitals were destroyed or damaged, with the death toll at 162. Literally the next day, another 5-point shock occurred on another Indonesian island, Banda Neira, and no damage or casualties have yet been reported.

Source "MIR 24"

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