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An international designer dialog was held in Ashgabat

An international designer dialog was held in Ashgabat

The Ashgabat dialog of the international designers was held today at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry as part of the activities to include Ashgabat in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network in the “Design” nomination.

As it was reported by the information program “Watan” of the Turkmen television, the forum, organized by the hyakimlik of the capital jointly with the Secretariat of the National Commission for UNESCO, gathered the heads and specialists of the relevant agencies.

Through digital communication, they were joined by representatives of specialized structures and higher educational institutions from Canada, Turkey, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Azerbaijan.

As it was noted at the meeting, the capital city of Turkmenistan year by year expands its borders, fascinates with its uniqueness for which is honored with many international certificates. The recognition of the high quality of the erected objects here become an insertion of the number of them to the Guinness Book of Records

Talking about the necessity of Ashgabat inclusion into the UNESCO Creative Cities Network in the “Design” nomination, those having a speech stressed that the large-scale project will become a platform for cooperation in the context of strengthening of the role of landscape architecture in the urban development. As it is known, the Turkmen capital was awarded with the International certificate for cooperation and impact into the initiative of the United Nations Organization “Tress in the Cities” by the means of greening actions.

The specialists conduct a successive work in this sphere. An example of which can be the Ashgabat Forum “Design 2022” held recently and the international exhibition “Design Without Borders”.

The participants of the current forum, who spoke online, noted that the Network created in 2004 defines the creative potential of its members in seven thematic areas - art and craftsmanship, folk art, design, cinematography, gastronomy, literature, media and music.

The activities of the participating cities are aimed at cooperation and the development of partnerships in order to promote creativity and the cultural industry.

Speaking about this, foreign representatives stressed that the current meeting will serve as an effective platform for the exchange of experience, increasing the level of participation in cultural life, as well as in the development of plans for economic and social development.

As it was noted by the attendees, “Creative Cities Network” are called to develop cooperation in the world’s area between those cities which are ready to invest into the art, become the engine of their sustainable development and social integration, as well as expansion of culture influence in the world.

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