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The first in the history of Turkmenistan open championship in breaking and mixed styles was held

The first in the history of Turkmenistan open championship in breaking and mixed styles was held

Recently in Ashgabat has ended the first in the history of Turkmenistan the open state championship on breaking and mixed styles.

As it is known, breakdancing or breaking has officially entered the Program of the Olympic Games – 2024 in Paris. As it turned out, this sports dance has many fans in Turkmenistan.

As reported in the newspaper “Neutral Turkmenistan”, the tournament gathered nearly 100 participants from all corners of the country. Anyone could take part – there were no age restrictions. On the first day, qualifying competitions were held, according to the results of which the participants of the final day were determined.

The second day of competition started from the performance of the youngest athletes. Among children and youth in breaking, Alexey Solovyov (SSB crew dance group), a student of secondary school No. 12 in Balkanabat, who performs under the nickname Alexi, won.

In combined style in this category, the victory was for the student of secondary school No.13 of Turkmenbashi city Yaroslav Svetetsky (Street wolf).

In the adult category the winner become a breaking coach from Turkmenbashi city Begenchmyrat Islamov (Street wolf).

In the mixed style the final performances of the athletes were so strong that the judges needed an additional round to decide the winner. As a result, Islam Charyev, a student of the Turkmen National Conservatory named after M. Kulieva, became the national champion in mixed styles (he performed under the nickname Ice Jack).

As the Secretary General of the Sports Dance Federation of Turkmenistan, Jemshit Amanov, stressed, each of the participants demonstrated their art and talent, and the inclusion of breaking in the Olympic program has already had a positive impact on the country's Sports Dance Federation.

The jury of this championship consisted of famous dancers and athletes from all over Turkmenistan. The main panel of judges included: Tahir Orazov, Maksat Gayypov, Maya Halmamedova, Mekan Dovletjanov, Irina Gimaldinova, Azat Meredov, Artur Lotfullin and Muhammet Bayramgulyev.

Moreover, a training on the Trivium judging system (only for judges and organizers) has already been held at the 13th Sports School under the Main Department of Sports and Youth Policy of Ashgabat. A master class was held here, as well as dance techniques were demonstrated by T.Orazov and M.Halmamedov, as well as M.Gayypov, representing the Caspian Dance School. At the same time, the judges unanimously noted that they will continue to develop this dance sports program in Turkmenistan.

Earlier we reported that a sports dance tournament will be held in Ashgabat.

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