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Turkmenportal has prepared a review of publications for June 2022

Turkmenportal has prepared a review of publications for June 2022

Let’s start the June selection with the materials that have been most actively read by users of the Turkmenportal website to date.

So, the top three are:

We introduced the main characters of June, and now let's move on to the articles that come on their “heels”.

If you are a cat lover, find out what you have in common with people suffering from “imposter syndrome” from the publication “15 unexpected signs of a sharp mind”.

The content of the material “Check-list: 5 current trends that should be in the wardrobe this summer” will give you a reason to sort out your clothes this coming weekend.

The season of melons is already open, who should not use it, you will learn from the article “The symbol of the Turkmen summer is melon: a few facts about the “Queen of gourds”.

In the publication “Figurines in the interior: a small detail and great importance” the meaning of some decorative elements in the interior is revealed.

And from the article “Room for a teenager - time for change” you can get useful information on how to ergonomically use the space of a child's room.

Again an informative tour of the museum, this time to the famous Kunstkamera: “Tsar's toys - an unusual collection of Peter I”.

More articles are available at the link.

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