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Masks for cows created in England

Masks for cows created in England

In accordance with the data, 14,5% of emissions from the total world volume of gases are accounted for by the livestock sector. In particular, cows, which as a result of the digestion process, emit methane, fall under the blow of environmentalists.

A group of British engineers from the Royal College of Art in England have developed a special mask that can neutralize the methane released when these cattle burp. When passing through the mask, the greenhouse gas turns into water vapor, which in theory reduces the carbon footprint of animal husbandry, informs the planet-today.

The developers note that annually throughout the Earth, cattle emit about 500 liters of dangerous gas into the atmosphere. In particular, the United States alone uses more than 10% of all methane emissions for animal husbandry.

Experts consider that thanks to their device, the amount of methane emissions will be much less, which will have a beneficial effect on the ecology of the planet.

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