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Winners of Ashgabat Archery Championship determined

Winners of Ashgabat Archery Championship determined

The city Archery Championship held in Ashgabat. The tournament was organized by the National Archery Federation of Turkmenistan and the Main Department of Sports and Youth Policy of the capital and held at the Winner Sports Complex.

As informed the Archery Federation of Turkmenistan, 76 athletes participated in the competition, shooting at targets from classical and compound bows from a distance of 18 meters.

Agajan Gullashov took the first place in the classic archery among men in the age category over 21 years old. Ogulsuray Kakysheva excelled in the same category among girls. Among athletes aged 18-20 years old won Gurban Gurbanov, and in the category of 16-17 years old Orazgozel Meredova rose to the highest step of the podium. Ezizmuhammet Sahedov became the winner among boys aged 14-15. Among the youngest athletes not older than 13 years old Enaya Reyimova showed the best result among girls, and Alymuhammet Dosov among boys.

Georgy Agiyarov became the winner in compound archery, Fakhraddin Ishchanov took the second place, and Jemal Rozmyradova took the third place.

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