Sowgat presents souvenir products with the customer's logo

Sowgat presents souvenir products with the customer's logo

Individual enterprise Sowgat offers companies, enterprises and organizations of Turkmenistan a wide range of business gifts, promotional and souvenir products:

  • fountain-pens and sets of fountain-pens;
  • notebooks;
  • flash drivers;
  • thermoses;
  • mugs and cups, and also sets of them;
  • lighters;
  • trinkets;
  • portable chargers and more.

To all types of products from foreign manufacturers by the request of the customer, applied the logo of the company, organization or the name of the person for whom the souvenir is intended.

IE Sowgat for the manufacture of its souvenirs uses only high-quality products, and applied logos and drawing are resistant to abrasion.

It is available to get acquainted with the range of souvenirs from Sowgat and order in their account on social networks or directly at the outlet of the enterprise – in the “Berkarar” Shopping Center (1st floor, at the entrance to the “Kamil Market”). And also contacting by phones +99361 109848, +99361 887968 and by e-mail

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