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The spring holiday Novruz is celebrated throughout all Turkmenistan

The spring holiday Novruz is celebrated throughout all Turkmenistan

The National Spring Holiday – the International Day of Novruz is celebrated in Turkmenistan with vibrant folklore and ethnical performances, traditional songs and dances, cooking of the national cuisine dishes.

On the 21st of March the events took place in the capital on the bank of Karakum river where an improvised town is located, recreating in basic details the Turkmen traditional way of life.

A large Turkmen village with yurts, trestles, farmsteads with pets, steaming cauldrons has been built here, which harmoniously combined with the oriental bazaar with its colorful trading tents, lively touts and artists who amuse the people.

Participants of the feaster greet with rousing dances and songs of creative collectives, lead singers and folklore ensembles. Here also you can see how wheat is sprouted for the traditional green composition, how the ritual seed dish and other national dishes are prepared, as well as taste the Turkmen churek just taken from tamdyr.

The ways of preparing traditional national products: chal, gatyk, syuzma, ayran and other were demonstrated to the guests. The workshops on woolen spinning and reed straw mats braiding were conducted. Here it was possible to make a contribution to production of koshma-ketche, to sit at the loom.

In the exhibition part of the village there is an agricultural exposition presenting rich national traditions of agriculture and the fruits of the national land. The exhibition of manifold agricultural production of local producers, seedlings, fresh flowers, having become a beauty, fertility and fragrance evocation of Turkmen gardens, foothill meadows and river valleys have been organized against the background of greenhouses.

The prize winners of many international circus festivals, the group of national equestrian games “Galkynysh” performed with a festive gift.

Here also were heard the songs of bahshi, popular melodies, famous musicians and pop artists, dance collectives performed.

In the gallery of folk holiday traditions “Novruz Cuisine” where generous dastarhans with dishes, fruits and meals of national cuisine, cooked here by the best chefs, masters of culinary art were rolled out.

Installed here swings is the symbol of spiritual purification when meeting the new year.

Today, the celebration on the occasion of Novruz continue, TDH reports.

The main festive events in all velayats of the country are concentrated around buildings known as Türkmeniń ak öýi (White Yurt of Turkmens), built especially for the ferial celebrations.

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