Exquisite picnic set from Bossan concept will make any outdoor recreation comfortable

Exquisite picnic set from Bossan concept will make any outdoor recreation comfortable

If you like active outdoor activities, after which always follows a fun feast somewhere on the lawn under a shady crown, then Bossan concept picnic sets will make your stay absolutely comfortable.

If earlier for nature trips it was enough to have a pair of aluminum mugs, spoons and disposable dishes in a rucksack, then now the approach to picnics has radically changed to the comfort and aesthetic component. Now quality rest is closely connected, first of all, with convenience.

Exquisite picnic sets from Bossan concept are portable sets, which include item varieties. There are different types of sets, and they are completed depending on the picnic purposes (cooking or just a family dinner) and the amount of people.

There are completed dinner sets, such as, porcelain plates, knives, spoons and steel forks, glass goblets for wine in the retro style suitcase. to prevent the dishes from breaking, fasteners for fragile items are thought out in the suitcases. A corkscrew, saltcellar and pepper-pot, tablecloth-blanket, the lower part of which is waterproof and can be laid even on wet grass are also in sets.

Also, you can put a sandwich, fruits and drinks in picnic suitcases. There is a “heat-cold” section, that keeps up the desired temperature.

The suitcases are convenient to use. Outside braided with rattan, that reduces the risk of various damages, they have a strong handle. They are convenient to carry, and even with a certain loan inside, heaviness is not felt.

The picnic set will fit compactly in a car trunk, without taking up much space. If it is necessary, the suitcase can be used as a portable table: it is enough to place it on a flat surface, cover with a textile tablecloth and serve.

Bossan Concept’s consultants will always help you choose the right set.


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